The Tarot Spreads

1.Three Card Decision Spread
The 3 Card Decision spread is a simple spread designed to determine the answer to simple questions you may ask. The layout consists of three cards layed side by side. The first is the past influences; the second is the current situation; and the third is working solution offered to you for use.
2.Five Card Life Spread
The 5 Card Life Spread is a spread that traces your path through life. The first card that you lay out represents your youth years between the ages of 1-12. The second is your adolescent years from 13-20. The third card is your current age. The Forth are your adult years from your current age to 50. and, The fifth card represents The Golden Years from 51 on up.
3. The Astrology Wheel Spread
The Astrology Wheel Spread combines the use of the Astrology Wheel with the tarot. Starting at the Sun sign of the person you lay the twelve cards out going counterclockwise into each of the 12 houses of the zodiac and interpret them in relation with the house and the sign under which each card falls. This I have found to be a very accurate and interesting spread.
4. The Butterfly Spread
The Butterfly Spread is a relatively large spread consisting of 17 cards in the shape of a butterfly. The left wing is the wing of perceptions. It represents the way we percieve the events surrounding the body of the situation. The right wing is the wing of abilities. It represents the tools we can use to achieve the goal of the body.
5.The Celtic Cross Spread
The Celtic Cross spread is the old standard spread of the tarot that you will find in most of books and even in the instructions on tarot reading that come with your tarot cards. It's basically a very easy spread to use however I personally have found that sometimes I have to use a more advanced spread in order to get more out of it.
6.The Pentacle Spread
The Pentacle Spread is a simple spread which combines the aspects of the celtic cross with the elemental aspects of the wiccan pentacle. This is a fairly easy spread to use and is relatively accurate when it comes to answering questions or trying to determine the events in your life that are having a current influence.
7. The Rainbow Spread
The Rainbow Spread is another reasonably simple spread which uses 7 cards and the defined seven colors of the rainbow to determine the current events in ones life, and what is influencing or affecting them. This is a really accurate spread and one that I find to be a pleasure to use.
8. The Standing Stones Spread
The Standing Stones Spread is a story telling spread this spread can be used in relationship with mythology and history to help develop and idea of past life. It's basic shape is derived by the stone circles found throughout Europe. This spread is a difficult spread to use, and will take a bit of practice to master it. It can determine how some past life events are affecting your current life.
9. The Tree of Life Spread
The Tree of Life spread combines the aspects of The Quabalah with the tarot to give you a great understanding of your life, and your purpose. This is a very complex and difficult spread to do taking a lot of time, and patience. It combines the ten sepiroth which are represented by the layout of the cards with the 31 paths. which are represented by the location of the cards in relationship to each other. This spread should be done once every 10 to fifteen years.
10. The Yes/No Spread
The Yes/No spread is probably the easiest spread to do save drawing one card. It's basically a non~specific spread used to answer the basic question of whether you should make a decision or not. It consists of two cards layed side by side. Depending on what suit and in which position(ie upright or inverted) depends on whether or not to make the choice or wait.
11. The Trine Spread
The Trine Spread is an eleven card spread which is used to define the specific foundations of an event that's currently influencing your life. This spread can be used to recognize the foundations of the issue as well as how past and current influences are still effecting it. This is an excellent spread for you to use if you are doing a bit of soul searching using the cards.
12. Self Awareness Spread
The Self Awareness Spread is a three card spread which is used every 8 weeks to define the foundations of self knowing: And when you come to a point in your life where you feel it's time that you have reached a period of growth. This is an effective spread to self analysis.
13. Goal Achievement Spread
The Goal Achievement Spread is a 4 card spread which can be used to assess a goal and the things that you will need to make this goal come to reality, as well as, to help identify those things that may get in the way of achieving the goal.