5 Card Life Spread


Card Number
Card Description
Divinitory Meaning
Card 1.
The 9 of Swords as present in this spread is an indicator that the querent is having a period in there life of loss or grieving that they are in the process of dealing with. Judging by the surrounding cards this person is in despair due to economic loss and foolish spending habits.
Card 2.
Recent Past
The page of Pentacles as present in this spread is and indicator that the person tended to handle their spending habits foolishly. The person didn't take into account the fact that he/she would have to pay off debts or need to save money for bills etc. Rather the person in this spread tended only to think about the extravagant possessions that would make them seem important.
Card 3.
Short Term Solution
The world as present in this spread is and indicator that the person needs only to look at themselves in relation to how they view their current place in the world. In the past he/she relied on material things to present an air of status around them. However they need to realize that it's not material possessions that make the person whom they are but their ability to relate to others. If he/she puts aside their materialistic ideals they will find they have a lot more going for them than what they thought.
Card 4.
Past Influences
Judgement as present in this spread indicates that the person was taught that in order to have friends, influence people, or have an effect on others that they needed to be a person of influence and status. They were taught that you are judged by the company you keep and that company should be people whom are affluential. And the only way to maintain this is to look the part. They were taught that you have to keep up with the Joneses.
Card 5.
Highest Attainable State
The King of Pentacles as present in this spread indicates that this person having learned to place proper priority on money will find themselves not only coming out of debt but also better capaable of handling his/her financial affairs and in a better position of not only helping his/her self but others.