Self Awareness Spread

Self Awareness
When you feel as if you have reached a period in your life where you have
become conciously more self aware; you should read this spread once
every 8 weeks to check your progress
1. Who Am I?
The card Justice in this position is indication a person whom may be somewhat judgemental in their attitude however often they may be fairminded at the same time.
2.What do I need?
The card 9 of Swords in this position indicates that I time of grieving is necessary in order to let go of the situation that has caused you to find yourself lacking in a bit of awareness. You should start to let go of some old behaviors or attitudes that you may have surpressed in order to grow and move forward.
3. How will I aquire it?
The card King of Wands in this position indicates that by being ready to release that old behavior, you will come to realize that you will be able to move forward toward a more positive direction. You will realize that you have the potential to learn how to be less judgmental and more wise in your decision making processes.